Beware of the Storm Chasers

Storm Clouds

When it comes to hail damage, before the last hail stone falls you may hear a knock at the door. This knock will most likely be storm chaser. Not your local trusted roofer.

Storm chasers are companies that “chase” severe weather from area to area, trying to sell new roofs to a roof damaged by hail and wind. They collect homeowners’ insurance claim checks in payment for their services and complete the work before moving on to the next city or town that has experienced severe hail and wind events.

These storm chasers are typically from out of town, with no working knowledge of local building code or practices. They are often times not licensed to perform work in the state, and seldom return money back to the local economy.

Quality of work is inconsistent. This may be because of lack of training or an inconsistent work force due to high worker turnover. Their crews tend to rush work and overlook key details to the roofing system. Remember, high turnover is how they make their money. Often times inferior materials are used, or a lesser quality shingle will be installed than what was originally promised.

If they warranted the work, good luck trying to get them to make good on any issue! At that point in time, they will be several states away and potentially working under a different name. Buyer beware . . .

When it comes to roofing, more specifically your roof, trust a local, licensed roofing company to assess and perform the work. Utilize your local, trained roofing professional for any roof damage, but especially for hail damaged roofs.