Commercial Roofers ABQ

As a business owner, you have numerous responsibilities; from overseeing duties and meeting deadlines to maintaining your bottom line and maintaining your property! Yes, you read that right—it’s the duty of many business owners to maintain their property. However, with so much to focus on, it’s often brushed to the side or forgotten.

The building of a business is just as important as the work that goes on within it, and can have serious consequences if not maintained. Not sure where to start? Consider the most important aspect of any building—the roof!

Guarding against theft, damage, and weather, a roof is undoubtedly a building’s first line of protection, which makes it the most vulnerable. Ensuring it’s professionally installed, replaced, and maintained is crucial, and at EverGuard Roofing, we make it easy! Just give us a call at (505) 821-9543 and our Albuquerque commercial roofers will take care of the rest!

ABQ Roof Replacement & Maintenance

Albuquerque commercial businesses—take a moment and think about your property’s roof. When was the last inspection you had? Does it need to be replaced? These are important questions, and knowing the correct answers is even more important! To determine if your Albuquerque roof needs maintenance or to be replaced, consider the following:

Roof Replacement

On average, commercial roofs in Albuquerque should be replaced every 20–30 years. However, because of New Mexico’s dry summers and wet winters, your roof may need to be replaced sooner if it’s showing signs of:

  • Shingle damage
  • Leaks
  • Blistering
  • The overall condition of the roof is worn

Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofs in Albuquerque should be serviced at least twice a year, in addition to inspections after severe weather, such as high winds and heavy rain or snowfall. If the technician finds any damage, it should be repaired immediately.

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My husband delt with Andy and the service was prompt, professional , and accurate. We are so pleased with the attention to detail and when we had questions Andy responded quickly and answered all our questions. The job was delayed due to weather and Andy knew the critical situation we had and scheduled a crew to ensure it was done on the date he originally committed, and it was done!( this usually doesn’t happen) Roof looks great and was done very well. Andy is a role model for how the “traditional” service should be done and it was nice to see this again.Thank you.

Kathy Garcia

Trust me and look no further… there couldn’t possibly be a better roofing company in existence. Not only are these guys highly skilled in all aspects of their field, but they truly care about people.

Emily Volpicelli