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Though known for its desert climate, Albuquerque is no stranger to hail storms. Hailstones range from small to large, and depending on storm conditions and their size, can fall anywhere from 20 miles per hour to 110 miles per hour—resulting in serious, significant damage to the most vulnerable area of a structure’s exterior: its roof.

Hail-damaged roofs typically qualify for replacement under most insurances. Here at EverGuard Roofing, we’ve not only dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality residential and commercial roofing services, but also helping home and business owners file a claim so that they can repair or replace their roof at no cost to them!

For timely, thorough, and professional results, trust the name Albuquerque has trusted for over 20 years—trust EverGuard Roofing!

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Hail Damaged Shingle Roof

Trust the Experts for Hail Damage
Roof Repair in Albuquerque

Whether a hailstorm recently hit the Albuquerque area, or you’ve been putting off fixing your roof for years, trust EverGuard Roofing for expert repairs! We’ll begin by assessing the roof of your structure, noting any damages and identifying their causes. We’ll create an outline of the necessary repairs, present it to you, and upon approval, will begin repairing your residential or commercial roof!

Hail Damage Roof Repair

Damaged Roof Results in Decreased Quality

Upon impact, hailstones knock off granules from a roof. Overtime, these areas expand and contract with varying weather, causing them to weaken. If left untreated, the quality of the roof can become significantly decreased, leading to cracks, leaks, and erosion. When a roof is damaged, it can also cause further damage to the structure, which may hinder its performance, efficiency, and value.

FREE New Roof Eligibility

To prevent further, more serious, and more expensive damages, most insurance companies will cover the repair costs of minor hail damage. Qualifications vary by policy and insurer, but typically, a policy will pay for repairs of damage due to storm damage for a year or two—so don’t wait! Call EverGuard Roofing for professional assistance in filing a claim!

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EverGuard Roofing has long been the leading provider of quality hail damage roof repairs in Albuquerque—choose us to get the job done right! Don’t wait till further damage occurs, call us today at (505) 821-9543 for help replacing your roof through your insurance!

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