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A roof should be the highest peak of quality of any home or business—literally! Roofs protect structures, reinforce durability, and add value. For years, this is exactly what EverGuard Roofing has helped New Mexicans achieve—quality roofing to enhance their homes, businesses, and lives!

As the leading Rio Rancho roofing company, EverGuard Roofing has mastered roof repairs, restoration, and maintenance. Whether you’re a home or business owner, we have the experience and expertise to meet your demands! We’re timely, thorough, and professional—but most of all, we put quality first! Call us today at (505) 821-9543 to learn how we can help enhance your Rio Rancho home or business.

Replacements and Restorations

Some roofs show minimal damage and can be easily restored, whereas other roofs have not been maintained or tended to for years, and therefore, need to be replaced. Roofs protect our homes from theft, damage, and all types of extreme weather, so overtime they become worn and decrease in functionality. If any of the following describes the roof of your home or workplace, call the best roofing company in Rio Rancho—EverGuard Roofing:

    • Has not been upgraded or replaced in 20-30 years
    • Damaged, missing, curled, or buckled shingles
    • The roof or its components are old or worn
    • Signs of water damage
    • Sign of chimney damage
    • Certain roof components need replacing
    • Light is peaking through the roof in the attic

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I had wonderful attention given to my roof on 2 occasions and everyone was friendly and very attended to our needs. Thank you Everguard. It was so nice to have your prompt attention during Monsoon season. Will recommend this roofing company to my friends.Richard J.
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Maintain Your Roof, Maintain Its Quality

It’s standard that when something is old or not working properly in a home or business, you replace it, and the same goes with your roof! Ensuring your roof is up-to-date and efficiently serving its purpose not only protects the structure and the components within, but also increases its longevity and value! Don’t put off maintaining your roof. If you do, you may face costly repairs or replacement expenses later on. Instead, contact EverGuard Roofing, your trusted Rio Rancho roofing company!

Solar panels on a roof

Solar Panels, Various Materials, and More!

Being that a roof is a major component of a home or business, it should reflect its style and enhance its design! EverGuard Roofing offers everything you need, such as solar panels for energy efficiency or roofing materials in various colors, shapes, and textures to achieve whatever vision you have in mind! Our crew will inspect your roof, talk with you about what you hope to achieve, then provide recommendations as to what we believe would work best. Throughout the entire process, we remain dedicated to you and do all we can to ensure your satisfaction!

Expertise, Experience, EverGuard Roofing!

We’re more than just your Rio Rancho roofing company, we’re your roofing experts! Whether you need to replace, repair, or maintain the roof of your home or business, trust the name New Mexico has trusted for nearly 20 years—EverGuard Roofing!

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