Weather And Elements Wreak Havoc

Winter Damaged Shingle Roof

Weather and elements wreak havoc on your roof, especially in New Mexico. This is true especially if the roof is aging.

Roofs are exposed to the elements all 365 days of the year for all 24 hours a day. The poor roof never gets a break!

Changing and extreme temperatures in particular affect all rooftops. Hotter temps expand the roofing materials, especially rubber and metal components. Proper installation is key to ensure that this expansion will not affect the roof performance. Unfortunately many older roofs are not properly installed to deal with expansion, or contraction. Cold and freezing weather may cause roofing materials to contract. This allows water and ice to creep into areas they otherwise wouldn’t. Remember, ice can actually form and grow uphill, which can be a problem for roofs that only focus on the downhill runoff of water. Water can get into small cracks and gaps. Upon freezing, ice expands and widens gaps to form water infiltration points. This is where roofing materials like ice and water barriers come in handy, if properly installed by certified professionals. Good roofing materials and proper installation are the key to roofing longevity.

If your roof is getting older it is wise to call a roofing professional to inspect the roof. If there is blow-off or leaking occurring already, call a roofing professional immediately to prevent further damage. EverGuard Roofing suggests inspecting yearly, with spring being a good time. With the harsh sustained spring winds, harsh sun and UV rays along with the summer heat, monsoon season that not only brings heavy rain but large hail, and the winters that can drop massive snows, your roof takes a beating. Weather and elements can wreak havoc on your roof. Please visit our sister company EverGuard Solar for solar roofing needs.