4 Major Ways Winter Can Affect Your Roof

Cabin in the Winter

Even though the first day of winter isn’t until December, New Mexico’s weather tends to reach winter-like conditions by late November. The weather is always a little unpredictable around here, but these days it seems like the seasons change faster and more drastically than ever. It’s important to understand what these seasonal changes mean for the health and longevity of your house, and particularly for your roof. Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements year round, but in the winter it can take a particularly hard beating. Know the risks and potential problems that can arise with your roof over the course of the winter season, so you can identify any issues early on and avoid more extensive damage being done to your roof. With this in mind, our Albuquerque roofing experts have put together a brief guide to the four most common—and destructive—roofing problems that we see as a result of winter weather,
so that you, and your roof, can be prepared for the upcoming winter season!

Snow Leaks
One of the most common ways roofs are damaged during the winter is a result of melting snow infiltrating the structure of the roof as it melts, most typically around chimneys, around the edge of the roofline or in low parts of the roof. These leaks can cause rotting, and extreme damage to the roof overall, so it’s important to get any leaks professionally repaired as soon as possible.

Excessive Snow Loads
Another potential hazard to your roof that is caused by snow is a partial collapse of the roof, or in some extreme cases, a full roof collapse. Fortunately, this is a fairly rare occurrence and is only a threat during extreme winter storms with excessive amounts of snowfall. Still, it can be a catastrophic event and is something to watch out for—especially if your roof is severely damaged or is lacking structural integrity.

Ice Dams
An ice dam forms when ice or snow is allowed to melt and refreeze multiple times on the surface of your roof. When this happens, it can clog your gutters and cause buildup along the edges of your roof, which can cause leaking and major damage. This is more common when your gutters are clogged to begin with, so it’s important to tend to your gutters in preparation for the winter.

Heavy Winds
Winter can bring with it heavy storms and very strong winds which can damage your roof in a number of ways, from battering it with debris to ripping off shingles and tiles. This can happen to any roof, but older ones are more at risk. Inspect your roof for damage or missing shingles after a major winter storm, and have a professional make any necessary repairs right away.

If your roof is damaged during the course of this winter, or even if you just have questions and want to have a routine inspection done to be safe, then call EverGuard Roofing! We are a local, trusted name in roofing and we proudly serve the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and surrounding areas. We will make sure your roof is in tip-top shape for the winter season!