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If you’re in need of top-quality commercial roofing services, look no further than EverGuard for help.

Our company specializes in re-roofs, regular roof maintenance, and brand-new roofs. Our results are faster and more accurate than the competition, thanks in part to our state-of-the-art technology.

Your commercial roof can be affected or damaged by many different factors, from rocks to high winds to regular rainfall accumulation. It’s important not to wait until your roof shows signs of trouble; always try to schedule regular maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs.

EverGuard Roofing has handled all types of commercial jobs, both large and small. We know that a properly maintained roof is crucial to every business in town, and we’re here to make sure you’re well taken care of. Our craftsmanship and customer service can’t be beat! If you need to know more about installation and repairs for commercial roofing in Albuquerque, call us today!

At EverGuard Roofing, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned over the years. The area businesses that have trusted us for quality installation and repairs include the following:

  • Lovelace Women’s Hospital
  • Hokona Hall and the University of New Mexico
  • Smith’s
  • Dion’s
  • Harley-Davidson Santa Fe
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Joy Junction
  • Pep Boys
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Olive Garden
  • Dollar Tree
  • Wal-Mart
  • Kirtland Air Force Base
  • Il Vicino
  • Central New Mexico Community College

We are experts in every aspect of commercial roofing. Among the services we provide:

  • Vapor Barriers: These are designed to prevent moisture and condensation from causing damage to your roof. Contact us today to discuss which type of vapor barrier you might need.
  • Insulation: Without proper insulation, a roof will have a shorter lifespan and will increase your utility bills. We can help!
  • Single Ply: These roofing membranes are popular due to their fast and clean installation.
  • Roof coatings: Roof coatings could be a cost-effective solution if the roof meets the proper conditions. A roof coating can extend the life of your roof 5 years
  • Coping: Metal roofs can be affected by rainfall and snow that accumulates on the surface. Coping prevents this by draining the water whenever it begins to build up.
  • Paver systems: Do you have a commercial roof that endures heavy foot traffic? Pavers help create a safe and durable floor, while also making it more energy-efficient.
  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing and accessories are an attractive, and highly functional roofing system solution
  • Skylights: From standard to custom, skylights add natural light to brighten any area that may need it
  • Solar: The addition of solar not only makes a green statement but is one of the strongest financial tools available today with rapid ROI’s for businesses.

Need to know more about commercial roofing in Albuquerque? Call our team of friendly professionals for the best in roofing installation and repairs. We’re here to help!

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My husband delt with Andy and the service was prompt, professional , and accurate. We are so pleased with the attention to detail and when we had questions Andy responded quickly and answered all our questions. The job was delayed due to weather and Andy knew the critical situation we had and scheduled a crew to ensure it was done on the date he originally committed, and it was done!( this usually doesn’t happen) Roof looks great and was done very well. Andy is a role model for how the “traditional” service should be done and it was nice to see this again.Thank you.Kathy Garcia

Trust me and look no further… there couldn’t possibly be a better roofing company in existence. Not only are these guys highly skilled in all aspects of their field, but they truly care about people.Emily Volpicelli

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