Why Annual Roof Maintenance Is Important

Your roof is a big investment and an important part of your building. In addition to serving as an aesthetic element, your roofing system protects your interior spaces’ contents and acts as barrier between your interior and external elements. Like other systems in your home, your roofing system needs routine maintenance, say at least once a year, to help uphold … Read More

What Is the Impact of Snow and Ice on My Roof?

Snow and ice on a roof often look very pretty, like thick icing on the roof of a gingerbread house. However, snow and ice negatively impact your roof. You should either A) remove the snow and ice before it thickens up and is impossible to remove, or B) prevent the snow and ice from accumulating in the first place.  3 … Read More

The Main Causes Behind Commercial Roof Bubbling and Cracking

Flat roof bubbling can be a significant issue for building owners, often caused by two common problems: blistering and alligatoring. Blistering leads to the formation of small bubbles under the roof’s surface, which can ultimately result in cracks that weaken the entire structure. The causes of flat roof bubbling and cracking are diverse, but they all point to issues with … Read More

Do Hot Temperatures Affect Your Roof?

It’s the middle of summer, and the temperature is rising! You may be wondering if the extreme heat is affecting your roof. The truth is that hot temperatures can cause some damage to your roof, but it all depends on how well your roof was built and installed. Here are some of the effects of hot temperatures on roofs and … Read More

Will Your Roof Withstand Winter? Follow These Tips!

Winter Damaged Shingle Roof

Harsh elements and cold weather aren’t the ideal conditions for your roof, but it’s the reality many New Mexicans face each winter. That’s why it’s important to not only know how to prep your roof for winter but also how to maintain your roof during winter—and the EverGuard roofers of New Mexico are here to break it down! As a … Read More