Common Roof Problems

Pitched Shingle Roof

You may not think about it all that often, but your roof is protecting you and your home from the elements every single day. Over time, even the best roofs will start to show wear and tear and, eventually, begin to deteriorate and become less effective. While every roof is unique and will encounter its own problems, there are a number of fairly common issues that tend to arise with certain kinds of roofs. Being aware of these may help you to identify them more quickly if they are occurring on your roof, and prevent extensive damage to your roof, your home, and your belongings. With
this in mind, EverGuard Roofing of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho have put together a brief guide to some of the most common roof problems we encounter, how to identify them, and what to do if you find them on your roof.

Signs: Water damage or discoloration on interior walls, particularly near the top, or bubbling of the interior paint.
Solution: Leaks are most commonly found around chimneys, skylights, gutters and vents, as well as at low points in the roof or underneath a cracked shingle. Typically, once the source of the leak is identified, it can be
patched by a professional with relative ease.

Pools of Water
Signs: If caught early, the signs will be the pools of water themselves. If not caught until later, the signs will be leaks or discoloration on the ceiling or interior walls.
Solution: Likewise, if the problem is caught early enough the area can be repaired, and the pools prevented from forming again by re-angling and resealing the roof. However, if the pools are not detected until later, it
could result in the need to replace the entire roof.

Clogged Gutters
Signs: Poor roof drainage. If your gutters become clogged, the excess water can seep into the roof and cause rot, or cause the pools of water mentioned above.
Solution: Make sure to clean out your gutters regularly to avoid potential problems stemming from clogged gutters.

Cracking, Blistering, and Shrinking
● Signs: Depending on the style of roof you have and the material it is made out of, over time it will experience some type of cracking, blistering, or shrinking as a result of exposure to the elements over an extended period
of time. Shingled roofs are particularly susceptible to cracking, which can lead to leaks and rotting, while built-up flat roofs often experience blistering and shrinking, which can both cause cracks to form in the roofing
Solution: Typically, the best solution for these issues is to have your roof professionally inspected. Repairs will be assessed based on the extent and severity of the damage.

Old, Worn Materials
● Signs: Roof appears old, faded, or damaged in a widespread way.
● Solution: Roofs should be replaced when the materials become too old and worn, typically every 20-3 years.

If you are experiencing problems with your roof such as the ones described above, or any other issue, please contact EverGuard Roofing for a fair, honest assessment of the damage. We have spent over 20 years gaining experience and building our reputation in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and throughout New Mexico, and are the name people trust when it comes to repairing their roof the right way! Call us today at (505) 821-9543 or visit us online to get an estimate!