Why Roofers Should Install Your Solar Panels

Solar energy is a renewable resource and, when combined with storage batteries, the sun’s power can provide electricity to your home, even when the local electric grid has a power outage. Most of the time, solar panels go on the roof—which means it has to be punctured to anchor the panels. EverGuard Roofing is your trusted New Mexico solar panel installation expert! With 20 years of experience, we’ll ensure proper installation, full compliance, and seal your roof for the proper water resistance. 

Roof Integrity and Solar Panels

In Albuquerque, energy-efficient roofing options are a must given the hot summers and cold winters. Adding solar panels to your roof provides green and efficient energy in your home year-round. In order to ensure the solar panels stay up, they need to be anchored to the home. This anchoring process requires creating holes, and you’ll want a roofer to ensure that they are sealed up when the job is done. While a less experienced solar panel installer may not properly seal your roof after anchoring, our roof technicians are experienced in roofing systems and understand what sealants are needed to ensure proper post-installation repairs. 

Why a Roofer is a Right Choice for Solar Panel Installation

While a solar panel installation company can take care of the panels, they might not be able to take care of the roof. An easier way to install your solar panels is to have a roofing company like EverGuard Roofing install them and ensure the roof is sealed properly. This will save you time and trouble as well as give you peace of mind.

If you have older panels that need to be replaced or need to get new panels installed, call EverGuard Roofing in Albuquerque! We can ensure your roof coatings and tiles remain in good shape after the solar panels are installed on your home. Rely on EverGuard Roofing to get the job done and give us a call today at (505) 821-9543.