Wind Damage – High Winds and Damage To Your Roof

Tree blowing in high wind

High or gusty winds can damage roofs. Wind can pick up debris and this debris can crash into the roof surface and accessories. Another way wind can cause damage to a roofing system is by the sheer force of the wind itself, tearing and ripping shingles and the roofing accessories present on the home.

If the roof was installed improperly, or weak spots occur due to faulty fasteners, wind can easily get underneath the shingles and rip them from the roof deck.

Corners and edges of the roofing system are most prone to wind damage, as well as the ridge cap and areas where roof ventilation may be.

With tornadoes and high wind capable of lifting debris, damage can easily occur from direct debris hits to the home and roof. This type of damage can cause expensive damage, possibly even structural damage.

If you experience a wind event, it is always a good idea to check your roof, after the wind has subsided and it is safe to go outside, and see if any blow off or damage has occurred. If you suspect or see roof damage caused by high winds, contact an experienced roofing professional immediately